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I feel honored that you chose to visit my website. I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope that you find it insightful.

I feel a connection to all of my readers and thus, would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about me.

With little exception you know me because of my technical writing in automotive magazines. Cars and especially engines are a big part of who I am but it is only a piece of me. If a stranger asked what I did for a living I would state that I am a full-time technical writer in the automotive/agricultural industry and a part-time farmer. I have both field dirt and engine grease under my finger nails and I am proud of it!

My wife Charlotte and I live on our farm in northern New Jersey that has been in my family since 1954 (long before I was born). I am passionate about agriculture since nothing else connects one more to our Creator than tilling the soil. It is a bond between mankind and God that can not be enjoyed anywhere else but in the field. I respectfully submit that if you do not share this commitment to the land you will never be able to know my soul. You canít know my soul.

By no means am I a "Gentleman Farmer". When I am not immersed in engine technology I am either on the tractor or doing one of the never ending chores that are part of an agrarian existence. Please do not think of our operation as a hobby farm ----- when I get out in the field and lower the planter and my own money is going into the ground at the rate of $40/pound for sweet corn seed... this is serious business. 

The Bohacz farm grows sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and Hubbard squash along with some eggs from my free-range girls that I call The Cadets. The blessings of our harvest are sold at a fresh market road side stand along with some wholesale accounts that we have established.

We have almost 100 acres, but only about 20 acres are tillable. A part of the farm is also registered with the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) as a Stewardship Forest. I am also involved with many other conservation programs such as pollinator habitat restoration. We also embrace modern environmentally sound farming practices such as no-till planting of our corn crop along with the use of cover crops in the off-season. This year I planted a four-way mix of cereal rye, red clover, crimson clover and deep tillage radish. I grid soil sample and I am very proud to tell you that over the last five years through these practices the tilth and health of the soil has increased dramatically.   

Though it is not a large farm the 80 acres of forest and pastures means that our place is teaming with wildlife and that is a blessing. You see, my true love is for animals of all kind. If it has four legs, wings, crawls, hops or any other form of locomotion it is welcome at our place!

The other part of who I am is a patriot. The message on my answering machine states that America needs a return to God, duty and honor. I believe with my whole heart that America is exceptional and its existence is divine providence.  If it were possible my blood would run red, white and blue.

In two places on our property the American and POW-MIA flags fly high and proud. I would never have it any other way.

I am also Mr. Buy American. To me there is no pride of ownership in anything that is not from here. I have nothing against any other country; let them buy their own stuff and we will keep our jobs here. Few understand that America has never looked to export her way to prosperity where as the rest of the world has looked to do that to us. A society cannot "import" itself to wealth and greatness.

I am also a brother to a sister and a husband to my wife. I know Charlotte for 20 plus years now and she has been a blessing to my life. We met on a blind date and the rest is history. She is a dedicated and wonderful elementary school teacher. Over the years she has had as she says, "thousands of children", so we have none of our own.

We are very active in our very small country church, the one we got married in. I am also a Lay Speaker in the church. I have delivered about 40 sermons, one wedding (not the legal aspect but the spiritual side) and sadly one funeral service.

As you would glean my political affiliation is Conservative. I often say that my needle is so far to the right that it is bent!

I hold hard work, honesty and earning what you have in high esteem. I do not believe in handouts nor would I ever take any.

Well by this time you have made up your mind. If anything about me offends you I am sorry but I do not change to match the winds of society. If you share most of my passions then I ask you to please let me know.

May God bless America, our troops and you.

Your friend,


Letís Meet At Field Day!

If you eat then you are involved in agriculture and the Ag PhD Field Day is for you! It takes place on Thursday July 28th, 2016 in Baltic, South Dakota at the family farm of Brian and Darren Hefty, the creators and hosts of the Ag PhD TV and radio shows.

This one day event is free and will be an educational and fun experience for everyone from the urban dweller that wants to learn the TRUTH about crop production to the most dynamic and successful farmers and ranchers.  
My wife Charlotte and I will be there and we hope that you will too. Please link on to the Ag PhD website ( ) to find out more and to register for the 2016 Field Day. If you do plan on attending please send me an e-mail ( ) with your contact information and we can arrange to meet, shake hands and discuss engines and farming. 
I hope to see you there. It truly is a wonderful and educational day that will pay dividends for years to come.



You may know Ray from his engine performance articles, but did you know that Ray is a farmer?
It's true!

While most know Ray through his technical writings and speaking engagements in the automotive/classic car arena, some may be surprised to learn that Ray is also a "part time farmer" and has successfully operated a family farming business for the past twenty two years.

Having great interest and respect for both fields of study, Ray enjoys being involved with Successful Farming magazine and their sister publication Ageless Iron Almanac.... the premier antique tractor magazine.

Click on banner above for "Successful Farming"

Click on banner above for "Ageless Iron Almanac"

Successful Farming is a monthly magazine that "Yields a bounty of ideas and advice for families that make ranching and farming their business." 

When asked about this involvement with Meredith Publishing, Ray responded, "I am very excited to be able to bring my long time interest of mechanical technology and my love and respect of farming together to provide technical contributions to Successful Farming."

If you have an agricultural engine question, please contact me at

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My Role as the Successful Farming Magazine Engine Man
Learn About Engines on the Successful Farming Machinery Show 

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